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The St Petersburg`s Nutcracker
The St Petersburg`s Nutcracker
ballet in three acts with with a prologue an epilogue
Music: P. I. Tchaikovsky
Libretto: Konstantin Tachkin
Choreography: Elena Kuzmina
Costumes: Galina Solovieva
Sets: Vladimir Firer
The action takes place at the beginning of the 20th century in the house of Peter Abrikosov (Peter Apricot), a famous Saint Petersburg confectioner.
It is Christmas time.


Scene 1. Drosselmeyer`s study.

In Drosselmeyer`s absence Maria`s younger brother, Peter, steals into the former`s study intending to ascertain what surprises the ingenious tutor has been preparing for Christmas.

Hearing Drosselmeyer`s footsteps, the boy hides behind a screen and observes his tutor.

Drosselmeyer returns home from town laden with boxes. In one of them is the Magician`s costume. He takes it out of the box, puts it on and leaves the room.

Peter studies a turban carefully and concludes that Drosselmeyer is planning a practical joke.

Scene 2

The mouse army returns from its usual successful raid on the Confectionery, which is located on the ground floor of Abrikosov`s house and is known throughout Saint Petersburg as a renowned confectionery boutique selling sweetmeats exquisite in both appearance and taste.

An escort of mice lead on Prince Zephyr in tethers.

Scene 3

Drosselmeyer`s table, the favourite resting place for Mischild (the Mouse Queen) who lives in a big and ancient book.
Sitting on her throne, the Sorceress observes her army returning with its rich pickings. The court Hairdresser is fussing around her. The court Mice (little chefs) offer Mischild an assortment of sweet things to eat.

Soldiers lead on Prince Zephyr who has been taken prisoner.

The Sorceress turns the Prince into the Nutcracker.

The Lookouts warn of Drosselmeyerĺs approach.

The Mice run off leaving the Nutcracker on the table.

Scene 4. The Drawing Room

A party is about to take place in the drawing room.

Suddenly a magician appears from inside the grandfather clock and starts telling the children the incredible story of Prince Zephyr.

The children are delighted. In their turn, they entertain the Magician and the adults with their play about the Brave Tin Soldier.

After the play, Peter exposes Drosselmeyer.

Drosselmeyer tells Maria that, at midnight, she is to help the Nutcracker kill Mischild and turn him back into Prince Zephyr. As a mark of gratitude, she will receive a magnificent diadem from the Princeĺs mother.

The party ends and night falls.


Scene 1. Drawing room

Maria can`t sleep. She sits on the couch, picks up the Nutcracker and falls asleep.

The Mice appear and seize the Nutcracker.

Scene 2

While she is searching for the Nutcracker, Maria finds herself on Drosselmeyer`s table face to face with Mischild.

A real battle ensues as a result of which Mischild is killed by the Nutcracker who turns back into Prince Zephyr.

Maria and the Prince dance the adagio.

Scene 3

The Snow Queen invites Maria And Prince Zephyr to the embankment to dance with the snowflakes.

The Confectionery Shop Window

Maria and the Prince find themselves in the City of Sweets, which in reality is the shop window of the confectionery of Peter Abrikosovo, Maria`s father.

Maria is presented with a beautiful diadem and takes part in the celebrations in honour of Prince Zephyr`s return to the court.

When the celebrations end, Maria returns home.


Maria is asleep on the couch in the drawing room. Drosselmeyer approaches, takes hold of the Nutcracker and places the diadem on Maria`s head. Maria wakes up. The Nutcracker is nowhere to be seen.
However, the diadem given by the Queen explains everything.

Maria is happy. It wasn`t a dream!

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