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Her Name Was Carmen
Her Name Was Carmen
ballet in 2 acts

Music by George Bizet
Orchestration by Murat Kabardokov
Libretto by SPBT
Choreography by Olga Kostel
Set and Costumes by Vladimir Firer

Carmen – Selfish and arrogant only daughter of a rich Spanish businessman of Syrian descent, who was a second-generation immigrant. After Carmen’s family is killed by the mafia, she has to hide amongst Syrian refugees.

Garcia – the former head of security of Carmen’s father. He was fired, and now he is a smugglers’ boss chasing Carmen.

Jose – a policeman and a security guard of the refugee camp

Refugees (men, women, children)


Garcia’s passion for Carmen has resulted in a chain of tragic events. His dismissal, his revenge – the murder of Carmen’s parents. He does not need Carmen’s inherited wealth. He needs her.
Carmen, who was raised in Europe and has never been to her family’s homeland, decides to hide from Garcia in a place where no one will look for her. Amongst Syrian refugees.
She had no idea, that Garcia is the boss of the smugglers, who profit from refugees and their plight.

A rising moon in the background. Refugees get to the coast and exhausted, they get ready for the night. Early morning. Policemen appear. They are surrounded by paparazzi and volunteers. The refugees try to run away but they cannot. Paparazzi camera flashes are everywhere.

Volunteers try to cheer up the refugees and play a ball game. Carmen dressed as a boy gets lost in a crowd of teenagers. At some point, when the ball lands too far from the cage, she runs to get it, but Jose appears in her way. She tries to escape, but he is too quick.

Evening. The policemen and the volunteers are gone. The refugees get ready for the night. In the moonlight, Carmen, who thinks that no one can see her, starts to dance moving along the cage. She shucks off the clothes that disguised her as a boy. No one noticed that Jose was watching the dance full of admiration.

Suddenly Garcia appears, surrounded by smugglers. Everyone wakes up. People are anxious. Garcia walks from one group to another. The smugglers are looking for Carmen, who hides among women and girls. Garcia grabs her.

Garcia gathers the refugees around him and informs them, that tomorrow the border will be closed. Those who do not manage to escape by then, will stay here, on the coast, forever. He collects the money from the refugees, and his smugglers break the metal cage of the fence. People panic and rush to escape through the hole in the fence.

The security guards of the camp separate those who managed to escape from those who did not. Some families are separated. A little girl is looking for her mother. Carmen takes her under her wing.


Early morning. The girl is still looking for her mum. Carmen continues to reassure her.
Suddenly Garcia and his smugglers appear once again. They are looking for Carmen. Garcia starts to terrorise the refugees to find out from them where she is.

Carmen comes out of her shelter to distract him and ends up under his control. None of the refugees dares to help her. Only the little girl. She uses a whistle to get the attention of the police.

Garcia escapes. The police chase him. Refugees come close to Carmen. She feels their support. Jose appears and confesses his love.

Carmen asks him to help the girl and a few refugees to escape from the camp.
Jose agrees to help. The girl gives Carmen a farewell present – a plastic ring.

Garcia appears and causes unrest in the camp. Refugees run to the gate and beg to be let out. Garcia attacks Carmen. Jose steps into the fight. Garcia tries to stab Jose, but Carmen covers him with herself and dies.

Jose lifts Carmen. The crowd becomes silent. Carmen embraces him. She takes off the ring given by the girl and passes it to Jose. The refugees are silent. Jose, for the sake of his love for dying Carmen, opens the gate right in front of her, letting the refugees join their families.

Jose, arrested by the security guards for setting the refugees free, furious Garcia, held by the policemen, and the refugees are looking at the surface of the moon, watching the soul of Carmen depart into eternity.

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce our Swan Lake performance on 26.11.2022! Its will take place in St Petersburg at the CSC Arena accompanied by the orchestra. ⠀ We are waiting for the performance, tickets are already on sale.

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