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The tour in South Africa is now well underway and all of our dancers are in good form. There are lots of performances (with very few days off!) and fortunately, full houses and standing ovations every night.

The Citizen Newspaper seems to have summed up the general acceptance of our second visit with the headline “Russian Dancers Delight”.

Sabrina Dean goes on to talk about our Giselle, which premiered at the State Theatre in Pretoria, in some detail I her review on 5 March.

Here are some of the comments she makes.:

“The poise and polish of the company is superb … Irina Kolesnikova literally oozes grace, a vision of splendour whose expressiveness imbues her character with potency and life”.

Ms Dean also points to the performance of Sabina Yapparova and Andrey Yakhynuk as being a highlight in the Peasant Pas de Deux.

For us, it was great to read that “Julia Petrova was divine” … and that the partnership between Irina and Dmitry Akulinin “exhibited both fluid lightness and emotion”.

The Corps de Ballet gets its usual praise – “Words fail in describing the synergy and synchrony of the corps”, and our conductor, Vadim Nikitin, is praised for having the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra render Adams’ music in “divine lyrical magnificence”.

All in all, a great start to our second tour.

Дорогие зрители! Мы рады объявить о нашем выступлении «Лебединое озеро» 26 ноября 2022 года! Оно состоится в Санкт-Петербурге на КСК Арене в сопровождении оркестра. ⠀ Ждем выступления, билеты уже в продаже.


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