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On 6th February 2012 at the Russian Federation Ambassador’s residence in Paris a dinner was given in honour of the Prima Ballerina, Irina Kolesnikova.

The previous evening saw the conclusion to the Saint Petersburg Ballet’s Paris tour where, in total, 15 sell out performances were played to 48 thousand people.

Upon welcoming Irina Kolesnikova, Aleksandr Orlov, the Russian
Federation’s ambassador to France commented:

“We applauded so hard that our hands nearly fell off. What a superb Swan Lake! Your performance of Odette/Odile has become, by common consent, an absolute revelation to the French people. Your performance was fervently received by the audience. I would like to congratulate you on this. This is after all a continuation of a tradition began a century ago by Sergei Diaghilev when stars like Tamara Karsavina and Anna Pavlova shone brightly. Then along came Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya. Today it is Irina Kolesnikova’s turn to carry the banner. Your name can stand alongside those of the great ballerinas who set Russian ballet on the road to glory. I wish you every success! I am sure you are still at the beginning of a booming career!”

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce our Swan Lake performance on 26.11.2022! Its will take place in St Petersburg at the CSC Arena accompanied by the orchestra. ⠀ We are waiting for the performance, tickets are already on sale.

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