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The Saint Petersburg Ballet Theatre will commence its European tour in France on 1st November 2014. The French public is well acquainted with the Saint Petersburg company whose performances have become a yearly tradition in the capital as well as in other French cities. Over six weeks, there will be thirty seven shows five of which will be performed on the stage of the Palais des Congrès in Paris from 7 to 9 November. The tour opens with “Sleeping Beauty” which, together with “Swan Lake” and “La Bayadère” have embellished the classical repertoire of SPBT. “Sleeping Beauty” was premiered in 2001 in Saint Petersburg.

The second phase of SPBT’s French tour will commence in 2015 and continue through till Spring. For 8 weeks from 1 February to 2 April the company will perform in 43 towns and cities presenting their signature piece “Swan Lake”. In Paris from 9 to 14 March the yearly and always eagerly anticipated event of Irina Kolesnikova’s regular “Irina Kolesnikova Season” will take place within the framework of this tour. Irina will be sharing the stage of the renowned Théâtre des Champs-Elysées with gifted contemporaneous dancers. The season’s programme includes perhaps the ballerina’s favourite ballets: “Swan Lake”, “La Bayadère” and “Romeo and Juliet”. Irina Kolesnikova is herself choosing which guests to invite to her season and their names will be announced shortly.

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce our Swan Lake performance on 26.11.2022! Its will take place in St Petersburg at the CSC Arena accompanied by the orchestra. ⠀ We are waiting for the performance, tickets are already on sale.

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