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In Paris on 24th February the “Irina Kolesnikova Season” commences.

For Parisians Spring is a special time. For some time now every ballet lover in the French capital has associated the coming of warm weather with the beginning of the Irina Kolesnikova Season. As the only contemporary Russian ballerina to do so, it is now for the ninth time that Irina is showcasing a series of performances in a personal season comprising not only the ballerina’s but also the ballet fans’ favourite ballets.

It is logical that the Irina Kolesnikova Season will begin with Swan Lake since the role of Odette/Odile has been Irina’s calling card for some time. In this ballet in particular her incomparable technique, the profundity and spirituality of her dancing has been recognized by the most fastidious critics on the planet. The ballet Swan Lake will be performed on consecutive days, on 24th and 25th February, at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées where it has now become a tradition for Irina Kolesnikova’s personal season to take place.

On 26th February the Parisian public will be able to see the ballet Don Quixote by Ludwig Minkus where Irina dazzles in the role of Kitri.

On 27th and 28th February the audiences will be presented with an original piece made especially for the Konstantin Tachkin Ballet Theatre for which Kolesnikova is the Prima Ballerina. It is called A Saint Petersburg Nutcracker danced to Tchaikovsky’s immortal music. A team from Saint Petersburg has produced the ballet and has moved the action to the banks of the river Neva in their home city. The libretto has been written by Konstantin Tachkin himself and the ballet is choreographed by Elena Kuzmina. Irina Kolesnikova will be partnered by Dmitry Akulinin who has been lead soloist at the Konstantin Tachkin Saint Petersburg ballet Theatre since 2005. The French public will also witness a premier as Dmitry Akulinin will for the first time be dancing the lead role in Don Quixote.

The Théâtre des Champs Elysées management guarantees absolute security to the Saint Petersburg company and to the public for the season. Obviously after the autumn events special attention is being paid to places where mass cultural events are taking place. What is more, the Théâtre des Champs Elysées management in trying to deal with the extra demand for tickets asked Irina Kolesnikova to add one more show to the season, but she has had to refuse because of the busy tour schedule: in March, straight after Paris, the Prima and the company are heading for Israel.

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce our Swan Lake performance on 26.11.2022! Its will take place in St Petersburg at the CSC Arena accompanied by the orchestra. ⠀ We are waiting for the performance, tickets are already on sale.

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