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The ballerina, Irina Kolesnikova has received an unexpected gift from Aleksandr Orlov, ambassador of the Russian Federation in France. The diplomat presented the Saint Petersburg ballerina with two ballets created by Igor Nikiforov a French composer of Russian extraction. The 92-year old musician who was born in France gave two of his ballet scores, The Giaconda’s Love for Leonardo and The White Nights of Saint Petersburg to Mr Orlov as a token of his love for his historic homeland. Along with the libretto, score and DVD recordings of the music the composer also donated the copyright to publish his compositions in Russia. In his turn the Russian ambassador gifted these works to the Saint Petersburg ballerina Irina Kolesnikova who has just completed a successful tour of France. According to Aleksandr Orlov, it will be Irina Kolesnikova’s artistry that will give life to these creations.

Dear friends! For the first time in the past six years, prima ballerina Irina Kolesnikova will perform in her hometown on the stage of the Hermitage Theater ...

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